2015 Embodied City, New York

The physicality of painting and drawing, corporeality, motion and mark-making are at the core of my artistic practice. I am interested in the physical event and action of painting and drawing, its gesture, action and traces. My work is characterised by multidisciplinary and experimental approach, with a process-based and intuitive emphasis. I am also very interested in the materiality and the multimodal sensory observation as the starting point for the work. I view painting and drawing as mark-making – I ponder upon what does it mean to make a mark. I endeavour to express my observations in the simplest possible way, as a direct nervous system reaction. I often work from the direct observation (corporeality, landscape) as well as intuitive working with the materiality. The concept of haptic visuality is also central to my artistic work, which refers to the sense of vision being more directly related to the viewer’s own body, touch and movement, the eyes acting metaphorically like sensors of touch. Tactility, the energy and rhythm of the movement, and how these are reflected in the mark- making are crucial to my work. I am also very interested in the materiality of drawing/ painting, and the direct gesturality on the paper as material. For the most recent work I have utilised wall paper. The most recent project Embodied city consists of very recent body of work (work on paper) that I started at the artist-in-residency in DUMBO/ Nyc at the Triangle Arts residency (April-June 2015). You can contact me via email: aho.elina(at)gmail.com. I am happy to hear from you!

  • Role Artist-in-residence
  • For Triangle Arts Association/ Finnish Cultural Institute in New York
  • Date April-June 2015

Kuvataiteilijana olen järjestänyt aktiivisesti näyttelyitä (15 yksityisnäyttelyä, 35 yhteisnäyttelyä), performansseja (4 performanssiprojektia), kirjoittanut artikkeleita, sekä ollut kuratoimassa näyttelyitä Helsingissä ja Glasgow ́ssa. Voit tiedustella maalauksistani ja piirroksistani sähköpostitse aho.elina(at) gmail.com. Lämpimästi tervetuloa tutustumaan teoksiini myös työhuoneelleni (Viiskulma, Helsinki) sovittuna ajankohtana!

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